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Bamboo replacing plastic

We use bamboo to replace plastics by nature-based solution.



Bamboo is a kind of fast growing, early mature, annually renewable, and widely distributed plant. It is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, easily degradable biomass material. Bamboo has more than 10,000 uses including bamboo for substitution of plastic. Bamboo supplies a nature-based solution to plastic pollution and below are some examples:
Disposable tableware: bamboo cutlery and chopsticks, plates, cups, straws, paper towels and coffee stir sticks, etc.
Kitchen supplies: bamboo cutting boards, knife holders, spatulas, cleaning utensils instead of sponges.
Research on the application of lightweight materials such as "bamboo to plastic and bamboo to steel" in automobiles has become a common practice, especially bamboo fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite materials are more and more favored by automobile manufacturers.
Bamboo packing: Bamboo pulp packaging materials and bamboo trays: bamboo egg trays, food and electrical packaging, etc. Bamboo paper replaces plastic packing.
Electronic product shell: bamboo keyboard and mouse, calculator, radio, U disk, bamboo watch. Notebooks with bamboo shells are very popular.
Bamboo handle toothbrushes, bamboo cotton swabs, bamboo pens, bamboo necklaces, earrings, rings, hairpins.
After the plastic filling in the cooling tower of the thermal power station is replaced with bamboo, the cooling efficiency is higher and the life span is longer. The bamboo chips that are replaced can be degraded naturally.
Bamboo winding pipe replaces PVC,cement,glass-fibre or metal pipes that are high-carbon, high energy consumption and no-degradable.

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