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IUFRO World Day Tearoom

The IUFRO World Day Teamroom is a virtual space for informal networking during the IUFRO World Day. You can go there to meet other colleagues and participants in a casual setting and share thoughts about the future of forest research and other topics of your choice. Find out how it works below. The tearoom will be opened on 28 September at 08:00 am UTC (start of IUFRO World Day event). You will be able to access the room through the interactive map or through this webpage (link will be made available).



The IUFRO World Day Tearoom is implemented in a platform called "Spatial Chat" ( which is a virtual meeting venue that allows participants to move in a room and talk to groups of people similar to a real room. The platform is limited to a number of participants so if you cannot get in at one point of the event, please try again later! There is no registration or download required to access the platform, you can simply choose a name and join.


The tearoom is a place where participants of the IUFRO World Day can meet to mingle and talk aside of the ongoing sessions. You can imagine it like a real tea or coffee room at a physical event where it is possible to take a break, get a beverage and meet fellows. Enjoy a break and share your thought with participants from all over the world!

Image by John-Mark Smith
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