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Members of the global IUFRO network will show and share forest-related research work, projects, news and more.

In each of the three time zone groups there will be presentations by IUFRO Research Units and IUFRO Member Organizations.

Parallel sessions in Time Zone Africa, Europe, Middle East

Parallel sessions in Time Zone North and South America

Parallel sessions in Time Zone Asia, Asia-Pacific, Oceania



You can find a collection of cards below containing key data of all parallel sessions that will be part of the IUFRO World Day. Discover our "session cards" and find out about exciting topics of special interest to you! We gradually upload details for individual sessions before the event which you can access by clicking on the card. If you cannot click on a card, there is no further information available yet.

If you are a session host, you can download the session card of your session by clicking the right mouse button and saving the image on your device. The cards can be used for communication purposes. The format of these cards is suitable for many social media platforms.

PS Africa Europe
SP Americas
SP Asia
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