For submitters of sessions or content

How long can our session be?

Your session can take as long as you like. Please feel free to choose a duration that is suitable for what you are planning.

The first 15 min after your session starts will be reserved for you, but the session can carry on after this designated 15 min time slot. This means that the key information should be conveyed during this starting time, but the session may carry on afterwards, in example with a more in-depth discussion. Especially live formats may, of course, take a longer period of time.

Do submitters of sessions have to take care of the technical arrangements themselves?

Yes, submitters (session hosts) need to take care of the technical implementation of their session.

As a submitter, you will need to provide IUFRO HQ with a link to your session by the End of August.

If we want to repeat our same session in each of the three time zones, do we have to submit it three times?

Yes, you need to submit one proposal for every individual session, even if you plan to repeat the same session in several time zones.

Do I have to submit a proposal form even if I have already submitted an expression of interest beforehand?

Yes, everyone who wants to contribute to the IUFRO World Day needs to hand in a proposal form for every individual session / content. The “Expression of Interest” form solely served the purpose of indicating the interest in the event and is not an official submission of a contribution.

Do we have to set up a registration system for our session?

No, you do not have to set up your own registration system.

A registration system for the whole event will be set up by IUFRO HQ. Every participant will need to register through a registration form that will be accessible on the IUFRO World Day Website. The registration will grant you access to all sessions and static content of the event.

What is “static content”? How can we share it on IUFRO World Day?

“Static content” refers to all formats that are not a live event. This includes pre-recorded presentations/sessions, posters, articles, and presentation slides.

You can share static content by filling in a proposal form and providing a link to the content to IUFRO HQ. The content will then be shown on the interactive map throughout the event.

Live events, on the other hand, only include those sessions that are taking place in a live format during the forum.

Do I have to register for the event as a session host?

Yes, session hosts, speakers and active participants need to register for the event through the registration system that will be provided by IUFRO HQ.

What if we plan to use static and live content in our session?

If you are planning to use a format that combines static and live content, we recommend embedding your static content (for example a recorded video) into your live event (showing the video by sharing your screen or providing link during the live session). Another option would be to submit two seperate proposals for the live and static part of your session. However, in this case, the two parts would need to be viewed seperately by the audience.

How can static content look like?

You can view an example of how static content could look like and be presented here

I submitted static content. Where can I find my submission?

The content will only be accesible when the IUFRO World Day live event starts until the closing of the forum. The content is available from 28 September 2021, 08:00 am UTC, until 29 September 2021, 13:00 pm UTC. You need to register to view the content. The link will therefore only be accesible during the event. An overview of content (organizations and titles of content) can be found on our event website under "static content".

For interested participants

How can I register for the event?

Participants can register for the IUFRO World Day by filling in the sign-up form on our event website.

Registration is now available under the following link:

The registration will grant you access to our IUFRO World Day Interactive Map, which will open shortly before the event. The Map will contain all live sessions and static content that are part of the forum. Your registration will allow you to access all events during the IUFRO World Day.

What can I expect at the IUFRO World Day? Why should I attend?

The event comprises a variety of sessions and content by IUFRO Units and Members that will showcase the diversity of the IUFRO Network, facilitate networking and tackle emerging issues at the science-policy interface. This event is expecially interesting for you if you are: > a IUFRO Unit or Member Organization who wants to show and share its work and increase its visibility worldwide > a young or early career scientist who is seeking support in his/her career path / is interested in how IUFRO works and how to get involved > a non-member Organization that is interested in becoming a member and joining a global network of forest scientists > a decision or policy maker who seeks to discuss emerging issues in foest research of relevancy to global and regional policies

How can I attend individual sessions and access content at the event?

Once you have registered for the whole event, you will have access to all individual sessions and content of the IUFRO World Day. During the event, you will see all sessions that are happening at the moment as well as upcoming events on an interactive world map. Furthermore, static content will be available on this map during the whole event. In addition, we will provide you with a timetable through which you can also access the individual sessions.

How long will the event be? What time zones can I choose?

The event will last for 24 hours across three different time zones. In each time zone, the event comprises 8 hours of sessions. Depending on your location, you can attend the event in the time zone North and South America, Europe / Africa / Middle East or Asia / Asia-Pacific / Oceania. You may, of course, attend events across several time zones as well if you wish to do so.

Where can I find more information on the sessions?

You can find more details on sessions in our website section "Sessions". You can find details about parallel live sessions there and view session cards of each session.

Where can I find the static content items?

Find all our static content on the IUFRO World Day Map. This map will guide participants through the content of the event. All sessions and static content will be pinned on this map. Content like publications or posters can be accessed throughout the event within the map. You can find an overview of all static content items that will be part of the IUFRO World Day on our website under "static content". The content itself will only be accesible when the IUFRO World Day live event starts until the closing of the forum. The content is available from 28 September 2021, 08:00 am UTC, until 29 September 2021, 13:00 pm UTC. You need to register to view the content.