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The Brazilian Agriculture Research Cooperation (Embrapa) presents its forest-related research work

Embrapa Forestry, Unit of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperation, shares its research work on forest-related topics



Scientists of Embrapa will present their view related to forest management, climate change an green products. This is a call for cooperation or for discussions in the 3 areas. Embrapa Forestry is one of the 43 research units of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) and is deeply involved on working in the alignment between the SDG goals and targets with its research program. This is a new step, after the launch of the Embrapa SDG e-books collection (in Portuguese and in English) with emphasis on the e-book "SDG 15 - Live on land" which presented major contributions of Embrapa and Embrapa Forestry on forests and forestry.

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