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Research for Resilient Forests in a Changing Environment - Introduction to the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF)

The video briefly introduces the history, scientific & research achievements and international cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) over the past more than 60 years.



The Chinese Academy of forestry (CAF) established in 1958 is a comprehensive, multi-discipline and public research institution. Currently, CAF has 22 research institutes and centers, 39 associated institutions and over 70 affiliated entities, forming a complete national forestry innovation system. As one of the earliest universities and academies in China owing the qualification to offer master and Phd programs, CAF confers degrees on discipline categories of agronomy, science, engineering and management science, cultivating over 4000 alumni who have played an active part in China’s forest research.

CAF has been playing a pivotal role in China’s forest sector by contributing thousands of new forest-related research findings and technological achievements, injecting vitality to China’s forestry development and ecological conservation. In natural protection, wetland rehabilitation and restoration, desertification control, forest disaster control, saline-alkali soil improvement, effective mangrove forest rehabilitation and mitigation of and adaptation to climate change and other key forestry ecological engineering programs, great progresses in core technologies have been made. CAF has also been insisting in conducting bi-directional cooperation with bring-in and go-global approaches, has established close cooperative relationship with over 80 countries and 50 international organizations.

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