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Latvian State Forest Research institute "Silava" - the place where grow up new ideas of forest research.

Video: LSFRI Silava researchers will tell about latest research projects what are focused on issues related to forestry and forest ecosystem services, tree breeding and genetic resources, climate change and forest regeneration.



15 minutes long video about LSFRI Silava will explain that "Silava" is the leading centre of forest science ideas, research and applied development in Latvia. That "Silava" carries out under the guidance of professional and competent researchers in such research areas: (1) Forest tree breeding and genetics, (2) Forest and climate change, (3) Forest regeneration and afforestation, (4) Forestry and forest resources, (5) Interaction between forestry and environment, (6) Forest biotic risks, (7) Non-wood forest products, (8) Tree plantations outside the forest, (9) Development of forest machinery, (10) Forest fauna and hunting. Video and poster will show that "Silava" is the place where competent knowledge meets practice therefore employees gain almost all knowledge about forest in Latvia.

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