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Integrating forestry research into knowledge transfer in Ireland

The Teagasc Forestry Development Department provides integrated research, advisory and training services to the farm forestry sector in Ireland. This video highlights some of our research and extension activities.



The Teagasc Forestry Development Department integrates research, advice and training focusing on the needs of the evolving farm forestry sector in Ireland. Our research programmes provide answers to key questions including species choices and site suitability for future forests, forest management and silvicultural options and timber market development. Our extension services translate this research into farmer-friendly decision making tools, advisory services, focused field events and innovative digital advisory supports. Our focus is on the development of multi-functional forests adhering to the principles of sustainable forest management. Our expert opinion feeds into government policies and strategies. Current research programmes include broadleaf tree improvement and breeding for resistance, adapting forests for the future, conifer management options, broadleaf silviculture and alternative silvicultural management options including agroforestry and Continuous Cover Forestry.

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