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We are currently working on creating an interactive map as a core element of the IUFRO World Day. The interactive world map will guide participants through the content of the event. All sessions and static content will be pinned on this map. This feature allows participants to see live sessions that are currently happening and information on upcoming events. Additional content like publications or posters can be accessed throughout the event within the map. Furthermore, different filters can be applied to show elements customized to individual interests.

Get an impression

Below you can see a "sneak peak" of the interactive map and its features

World Day Map Screenshot Update.png

Click on the buttons to view the timetable for the corresponding day of the event! You will see all live sessions and their starting time in the event timetable.

See UTC standard time as well as your local time displayed above the map at all times!

Several filters will be available that give you the option of selecting events tailored to your preference (i.e. thematic field, type of session or session timeline). When using the filter, only events suited to it will be shown and you will get a better overview.

Past, current, upcoming and future events will be shown in different colours for your orientation! This gives you an overview of what is currently happening and what still awaits you during the IUFRO World Day.

map ribbon.PNG

Static content like publications, articles, information or recorded videos will be shown in a seperate section (as well as on the map) and can be accessed throughout the event!

Find sessions and further content all over the world displayed as point markers on the map! You can see a short information on the event by hovering over the markers and access the corresponding session or content by clicking on it.

map legend.PNG
map mobile phone.PNG


You can also access the interactive map through your mobile phone! This feature allows you to participate in the event on the go! Whether you are currently in between meetings, running errands, traveling on the train, having lunch or have no access to a laptop device, we welcome you to join at all times!

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